1926 Chrysler Coupe Model F58 US $22500

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The 1926 Chrysler is a model F 58 four-cylinder two-door coupe. Engine is 185 ci four cylinder with three speed manual transmission. Wheelbase is 109 inches. Body was manufactured by Budd and is all steel. The car was refurbished in the 1960s by Manheim Pennsylvania Chrysler dealer Paul Stern and remained in his collection until purchased by Richard Roy. Believed to be 229 miles since restoration. Complete with all original parts having never any rust or collision damage anywhere The Chrysler is a very unique early piece of history. The car runs and drives very well   Would also like to point out it is a much better and more advanced car than a Ford. Price US $ 22500 OBO And do not forget the price was TWICE the money you  paid for a Ford or Chevrolet in 1926