1928 Durant Sedan All Original NOW AS IS $ 8500

1928 Durant, These are pretty rare, and not often seen. (Durant was one of the founders of GM, after getting fired he started Durant Motors that only lasted from 1921-1931)

Car is a survivor with a very neat history, Durant Motors was an automobile manufacturer from 1921-1933 that had a factory in Oakland. The company was started by William “Billy” Durant who had previously been the CEO of General Motors. He started Durant Motors in an attempt to compete with GM. Billy Durant’s son Cliff Durant served as president of the company.
The Oakland factory was at the northeast corner of East 14th Street (now International Blvd.) and Durant Avenue (also the boundary between Oakland and San Leandro). It produced vehicles for Durant Motors from 1921-1930. The building was subsequently used for the production of De Vaux automobiles, and was sold to General Motors in 1936 and used to assemble Chevy Trucks and also by the GM Truck & Coach Division. Much of the building still exists today occupied by various stores and Lofts apartments  The Durant has only 50k documented miles and was in a museum from 1954 -1989 I have several documents on the car showing the history from 1951, and have spoken to the owner of the museum where the car resided for 35 years.

Paint is all original on the body, fenders have been painted at some point.
Interior is completely original, including seats, door panels, and headliner.

Body has absolutely no rust, and wood frame inside body is extremely nice! No rot, or pieces that need replacing.

In need for same TLC  BUT  Only US $ 8500 for now
Has a more desirable 6 cylinder engine. Motor is the original, numbers matching motor. And yes car has a title. For more info have a look on the Club site, http://www.durantmotors.org/du19 du18 du16 du15 du14 du12 du11 du10 du9 du8 du7 du6 du5 du4 du3 diu2 du1 duDSCN0949DSCN0947DSCN0946DSCN0945

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