1929 Ford Model A Pickup Roadster US $ 22500

Introduced in 1928, Ford’s Model A sold more than two million units by July 1929, in a dizzying array of body styles. All shared the same 103.5-inch wheelbase and dependable four-cylinder engine, but in dozens of different variations, including the stylish but practical Roadster Pickup. The dependable cast-iron 201 CI L-head engine made 40 HP and was capable of top speeds approaching 65 MPH, with driver’s double-clutch though a 3-speed sliding gear transmission. The all-steel body on a ladder-style frame was durable and well-suited to a pickup.
Inside, the appointments were fairly basic: three gauges, floor shift, dash lamp, ignition lock and artificial leather seats provided reasonable comfort and low maintenance. durable and well-suited to a pickup.
This one is a older nice  frame on total restoration on a rust free truck in beige with black fenders a finished wood bed and rails, five correct tires. Later ignition for dependable driving Chrome bumpers headlights horn Etc. Spare tire with cover and outside mirror Truck is ready for touring, cruising, and certainly ready to advertise your business. Price US $ 22500 call or e mail us 214 991 5801DSCN1550DSCN1554DSCN1556 DSCN1553DSCN1555DSCN1557DSCN1558DSCN1561DSCN1559DSCN1560DSCN1563DSCN1565DSCN1564DSCN1576DSCN1566DSCN1568DSCN1567DSCN1569DSCN1562DSCN1572DSCN1571DSCN1573DSCN1574DSCN1575DSCN1570DSCN1551DSCN1552