1929 Roosevelt sedan $ US 32500

img_4024img_4025roosevelt-1rooseveltRoosevelt was a brand of American automobile that was manufactured by the Marmon Motor Car Company of Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, during the 1929 and 1930 was the leftover from the 1929 model years.[1]

The Roosevelt was named after President Theodore Roosevelt and designed to be priced as an “affordable” automobile.[2] The Roosevelt was the first automobile in America with a straight-eight engine to be priced under $1,000, with the sedan and coupe selling for $995.[3

Although the Roosevelt name did not appear for the 1931 range of Marmon models, the car was refined into the new Model 70 Marmon.[1]

One of the unique features of the 29 Roosevelt was the horn button. It served 3 purposes. Push down and it would honk, pull up and it was the starter, and turn it, to turn the head lights on and off. It also had a cameo of Theodore Roosevelt, black and white, on the front top middle of the radiator.