1953 Triumph Mayflower US $ 22500

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The Mayflower’s “upscale small car” position did not find a ready market and sales did not meet Standard’s expectations. Standard’s next small car, the Standard Eight of 1953, was a basic 0.8 litre economy car.

The Mayflower had been an attempt to create a small car with an upmarket image,[4] but it failed to meet its sales targets. announced the Mayflower’s replacement in a press release in early February 1952; the announcement further stated that the replacement would probably not be on sale until 1953.[18] The Standard Eight, which replaced the Mayflower, had a basic specification and was aimed at a different type of buyer. From the ending of Mayflower production in 1953 there was no small saloon with the Triumph name available in the United Kingdom until the launch of the Triumph Herald in 1959.[19] The Standard Ten saloon and Standard Companion estate were sold as Triumphs in the United States.[20]