1955 Ford Mainline Tudor With a Unique story

1955 Ford Mainline Tudor
Buckskin brown six cylinder manual transmission
C. E. Bartlett bought this Ford new at Bishop Motors in Floydada, Texas on May 21, 1955. Bishop had to get the car from Texas Motors in Fort Worth which one  of the largest Ford dealers in the state of Texas. Mr. Bartlett bought the car for his wife whose name was Queen Victoria. The selling price was $1,875.  and Mr. Bartlett’s 1941 Chevrolet two door sedan was traded in for a value of $101.83.
In the 1960’s Mr. Bartlett passed away and Queen Victoria continued to drive the mainline around the tiny West Texas town of Floydada.
Queen Victoria herself was born on May 1, 1888 and she passed away in the 1970’s around age 90. The Ford sat in the garage for years with the odometer indicating a little over 16,000 miles.
Purchased by an enthusiast in the 1980’s the mainline was recommissioned and has been lovingly cared for and maintained since.
Now with a little more than 18,000 miles on the odometer the Ford retains most all of its original paint, upholstery and chrome.
Performance is as you would expect from a low mileage well-maintained vehicle.
We also have the original invoice, owners manual, service policy and  other paperwork.
Ford motor company operated a full-size Ford assembly plant in Dallas Texas until 1970. This Ford happened to be built there and bore a rather large sticker in the rear window indicating that it was built in Texas by Texans. Amazingly that sticker was removed from the window at sometime and is with the paperwork today in great condition.
Last year the ford was awarded the prestigious H. P. O. F certification by the Antique Automobile Club of America confirming its all original condition.  Impossible  to find again dscn1306dscn1307dscn1308dscn1309dscn1310dscn1311dscn1304dscn1312dscn1313dscn1314dscn1315dscn1316dscn1317dscn1318dscn1319dscn1320dscn1322dscn1323dscn1324dscn1325dscn1326dscn1327dscn1328dscn1329dscn1330dscn1321