1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic $ 21500

If you want a full-sized ’70s luxury cruiser, this 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic convertible delivers all the right ingredients. First, it is a big convertible, and nothing says you’ve arrived like a ’70s convertible. Then there’s the smooth 400 cubic inch V8, and all the power options, and than a great blue and white color combination.

Blue and white is a fantastic color combination for a big convertible,  The photos don’t show it off like the sunlight does, but you can clearly see that the bodywork is straight and clean, and as a product of the ’70s, finding a rust-free example is not easy. We believe that the paint is original, and with that in mind it’s in fantastic shape.  it’s in very good overall condition. Chevrolet didn’t get hung up with excessive trim but it does wear fender skirts so it has a clean, chiseled look that makes it seem almost sporty, which was surely the intention. Chevrolet’s simple grille is present in a token way up front but it’s not terribly distinctive, and that long hood almost has its own horizon when viewed from the driver’s seat. Nice chrome bumpers, sport mirrors, and full-width taillights add interest, and all the original badges are still in place so there’s no mistaking this car for anything else. Chevrolet nailed it with the interior, which features wide bench seats that are the ultimate in ’70s cool. With room for six, this full-size cruiser doesn’t skimp on luxury and delivers that unbeatable combination of cushy ride and vast interior space that makes it the ultimate road trip ride. Wood paneling on the dash is fairly convincing, and the layout gives the driver fingertip access to things like the AC and a newer AM/FM/CD stereo head unit is mounted . Other options include electric windows and locks and a tilt steering column, all of which make this car a top-of-the-line piece from GM’s division. Blue carpets and matching dash board add some welcome contrast,  the white seats are much cooler on a sunny day than a darker color. The white convertible top is in fantastic condition and includes a glass rear window  the big trunk is ready for your next road trip with a full-sized spare and  original mats. Chevy’s 400 cubic inch V8 really needs no introduction. Renowned for its torque production, it gives the Caprice Classic an effortless style that eats up the miles without breaking a sweat and pulls the luxurious convertible around with a great V8 sound. With matching numbers bright Chevy Orange engine enamel and a lot of correct components, the engine bay offers additional evidence that this car has led a good life and has had a good amount of money invested in it recently. It’s backed by a TH350 three gear automatic, and on a car this big, powered steering and brakes were, of course, standard equipment. The  ride quality is something that needs to be experienced to be believed, and it soaks up bumps like an ocean liner. It’s quite clean underneath and the Classic wire hubcaps are fitted with 235/75/15  whitewalls, which look exactly right. We’ll never see full-sized luxury cars like this, and certainly not convertibles. With tons of originality, personality, and luxury, this Chevy is still a 1st-class way to travel. Price is also very moderate $ 21500