2004 Range Rover HSE US $ 8250

This gorgeous Range  Rover was produced for the 2004 model year as a send off celebration to the timeless Range Rover . Featuring it’ in, Black with light stone leather it is THE Range Rover be had.

When built in 10 / 03, this Rover was built from the factory fully loaded. Power windows, power locks, power seats, Connelly leather, generous rear space, dual zone climate control, loads of real wood adorning the interior, GPS  radio etc. and on and on.

This was Rover at its best: comfortable, luxurious and capable while ready for any adventure on or off-road! The Light stone leather interior is supple and warm in color.

Rover knocked it out of the box with this last year beauty, truly.

It is like climbing into a time machine! Turn the key and the V8 rumbles to life with its distinctive Rover burble and its slight tininess too. Its a wonderful and unique combo. Close the door and it is all but quiet inside aside from your cold AC fan.

Press the gas and off you go for a comfy cruise. You sit high, almost with an heir of “I’m just a bit better than the commoners” position with excellent vision in all directions. Need to pass that slow car in the right lane? Give her a boot of throttle and she revs up and surges past.

A 6 foot tall guest can stretch his legs out fully! But it is Rover, so maybe its more than cruise today. Perhaps its time for a little trip with those friends camping. On the graded dirt roads, it is as if you haven’t left the tarmac! And when the road turns to a little bouldering or a steep climb, while others are gearing down to 4L or turning around, you just keep a nice even foot and work your way up.

The car is sold with no warranty. You are buying a used car. Collectability applies as this car is a staple of the benchmark of Sport Utility Vehicles. My personal driver for a couple off years and  is time to let go, he is not perfect but a very good looking driver and spend more on service than the selling price off $ 8750

on eBay they have been going in the north of teens- twenty thousand $$$. rr12rr14rr9rr31rr30rr29rr27rr20rrrr24rr21rr22rr25rr6rr8rr10rr11rr25rr1rr2rr5rr7rr34rr18rr16rr152004 Range Rover $10,500

2004 Range Rover, The Ultimate SUV Black with camel leather and black piping. Fully loaded all power GPS etc 138 K newtires and runs drives perfect New transmission struts brakes power steering and so much more  looks stunning price $10,500 personal driver for the last couple of years Now in need for some cosmetics  Click on Images to Enlarge pictures