The restoration started and the Chrysler was taken to the shop, where it was completely dismantled down to the frame. The driveline was pulled and the frame and body were prepared for blasting, and paint. The engine was disassembled, rebuilt, and repainted. Meticulous care went into making sure everything was in order, even the lines

1955 Packard Clipper Custom US $ 29500

  The 1955 Packard Clipper Custom  was an attractive Automobile with the new ohv V-8 and torsion-level suspension from the senior Packards. Engine output was discreetly rated at 15 less horsepower, however. The Constellation was offered this year in the new Clipper Custom series, which then became part of the lineup for the separate Clipper make

1950 Studebaker Commander 2 door Big Six Automatic “Bullet Nose” $ 27500

      Just say the word “Studebaker,” and the chances are good that the image that springs immediately to mind is of the 1950-1951 models, a.k.a. the “bullet nose” or “airplane” Study. Although Studebaker was the first major manufacturer to put a totally new design on the market (using the slogan “First by far

1928 Buick Four Door Touring sedan can be your new Taxi Cab US $ 27500

  “This handsome 1928 Buick Master Six model  sedan is one of those big, powerful, capable cars which, for reasons we can’t quite understand, remain extraordinarily affordable, “The fact that it was treated to a quality restoration is quite a rare thing, since today this car would likely have ended up as a parts car